Saturday, November 29, 2008

T is for Technica

It’s more of an eager hope than a prediction that Technica Moon Boots will ambush Ugg boots in their fashion war. So naturally I jumped for joy when I spotted Anna (my unsuspecting model) sitting on the steps of Hayward Hall wearing her fluorescent pink Technicas. I was so excited that after our brief photo shoot I ran back to my appartment to slip on my 1979 Barbie Technicas. Clicking my heals and giggling with glee I raised a glass of champagne to toast Technica (...not really). But here's to outrageously great fashion, click to support Technica's comeback.
Yours Truly,
-Simmy Mere

Currently listening to "I Still Blush" by Josef och Erika

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Keri Hope said...

I forgot about technica!! so good. e, you're on my blog!! we should exchange links.