Saturday, February 28, 2009

Love Me On The Sly

Black Blazer- $1 Thrifted
Grateful Dead Tee- $5 P.A.T.
Vintage Red/Eagle Bolo Tie- $3 Thrifted
Vintage Gold Purse- $5 Salv. Army
Wet Look Leggings- $11 Forever21
Favorite converse♥

I have been neglecting the blog this week! Je suis tres desole!!! : ( School is very crazy right now, and midterms are next week. But i'll be in the city this weekend so hopefully i'll track down some style savvy people. Hope you're all enjoying your weekend!


Currently Listening To "Grow Up And Blow Away" By Metric

1 comment:

Michea'nicole said...

i like this look
im lovin' the Tye dye shirt, converse & headband!