Sunday, September 20, 2009


Photos: Scanned Image from October 09' Issue of Harper's Bazaar (top), Photo of Simmy taken January 09'(bottom)

The photo at the top is a brilliant image from Tim Burton's "Tricks and Treats" shoot photographed by Tim Walker. The photo on the bottom is a self shot image of Simmy months prior to the the release of the Harper's Bazaar issue. Before the release of this issue Simmy sported these ears as a fashion statement and received strange stares from onlookers. But high fashion animal ears have become a new trend from the likes of Shona Heath and Karl Lagerfeld. It's suddenly become a popular and stylish accessory. Who decides what is considered to be "acceptable" fashion? Is fashion about the famous setting trends, or art and expression? You be the judge.



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P.J. said...

So happy you guys also came across this Tim Burton spread...I'm obsessed with it! Actually added images to my site today as well! Great minds must think alike! :) Blog looks great, keep up the excellent work!