Friday, April 22, 2011




As I'm sure you've all seen/heard the 70's are back! Well at least the fashion trends. I mean there was that brief stint in the early 2000's with the Mudd bell bottoms trend but...that was pretty weird. Now its a way more prominent, stand out look for Spring. It's hard to turn your head and not spot a babe sporting bell bottoms/flared pants, chunky wooden platforms, or a flowy floral prints. Now let's just bring back Wood Stock, Free Love, Fros and Discos and we can call it a day.

How do you feel about this trend?

Love it  ??
Over it ??

I'm kind of in a love hate relationship with it. I do love the era and I love that it's being interpreted in a modernized way. But I also think fashion just keeps turning back to the old instead of creating new. I understand everything is in some way inspired and influenced by the past but come on. Let's see something COMPLETELY original. I'm ready for a new era. I'm ready to be wowed again.


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