Tuesday, February 16, 2010


{Images via ZiadGhanem}

So while in my second home, the university library, I took a break from research for my paper to do a bit of designer research of my own. Obviously one of the current hot
topics right now, and really for the past several years, has been this whole concept of "sustainable" fashion. I think most companies just pretend to care and put out overpriced "organic" lines of cotton and other natural fibers like bamboo (which by the way folks is usually just rayon, so do your research before drop big bucks on green apparel).

Anywho...I came across this article about this insanely rad designer Ziad Ghanem. He's a young Lebanese designer from London who's work I am in awe of. The reason I find him so be so rad is that he has managed to incorporate this concept of green fashion into his high fashion collections. He does this by sourcing luxury fabrics from organic fabrics, rubber and dyes from South America, and using recycled clothes from vintage and consignment shops.

Above are some jaw dropping photos from his past few Couture and Ready to Wear collections. It just goes to show that with creative minds and smart, imaginative ideas, there really is a place for "green" designs in the fashion industry.


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Madame G said...

Every time I see one of Ghanem's designs I smile on the inside and out. He's truly inspirational.