Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thank You Very Much

Stacy London and Clinton Kelly would seriously be all over this sun hat like white on rice. In fact I'm certain they would ambush make-over me in a hot second. It seems that now a days fashion is becoming a boring list of dos and don'ts (i.e. don't wear an 1meter circumference sun hat in the fall). What does fashion even mean anymore? Is it the art of self-expression or is it the act of being politically correct? My feelings about all these artistic rules and regulations are quite similar to a succinct statement printed on the Swedish brand jeans Cheap Monday, "Over min doda kropp" meaning "Over my dead body."

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lulu_Amore said...

I soo get what ur talking about, just the other day I was thinking of the same thing
I used to have this set of rules like " dont wear lines with other prints" and thats about all am wearing these just said f** it Fashion should be fun