Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Fever

Grey Flowered Headband- $5 Forever 21
Purple Bleach Stained Tank- $11 Forever 21
Purple Highwaisted Skirt- ? H&M
Vintage Black Quilted Purse (Lord & Taylor)- $4 Thrifted
Black Destroyed Tights-DIY
Black Converse

I've returned from my much needed Spring Break! It was glorious and now it's crunch time at school until SUMMER. Cannot wait! This spring weather is quite nice though, I may need to go street style stalking at some point this week. I've got a lot of great post from my break, so keep an eye out this week. Hope you're all well!


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sarahandtim said...

this is some cool work - is that you in the photos? i love your blog!