Saturday, March 21, 2009

"It's a bird! It's a plane!'s an American."

A few readers have asked if I'm enjoying my time here in New Zealand. Well certainly! Besides the...somewhat extreme culture shock I am managing just fine. I find speaking quite difficult. As soon as I open my mouth everyone within a 10meter radius raises their head alert and perplexed. Then blushing I become very aware of my foreign accent. Regardless I think Wellington is delightful! I in turn love to listen to people's accents and silently observe their varying styles. Wellington, possibly viewed as the fashion and design capital of New Zealand is, "full of young people aching to be different" noted my Kiwi friend. The street fashion is wonderful! I am hoping to break away from my studies very soon so that I can take to the streets to photograph some bril fashionistas. Until then I'm learning the slang and soakin up the sun.

Cheers Mate!

Currently listening to, "Slingshot" by The Black Seeds

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