Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Letters to China

The beginning of last summer I happened upon Staples which at the time was having a marvelous sale. Unable to resist my compulsory need to have I bought nearly 400 white envelopes. Since I was stuck at my university studying sociology and calculus all summer I found that art became an overwhelming necessity. Instead of homework after class I collaged envelopes using magazine clippings, candy wrappers, photographs...really anything I could get my hands on.

After I recently showed a friend the 20 envelopes I made this summer he asked if I could create an additional 90 for his students at 榆中二中 。or Yu Zhong Er Zhong a boarding school in GanSu China. With only two weeks remaining so far I have only created 5 seen above...yes just 5 . It's difficult to find the wherewithal to create 90 collages in such little time- therefore it is on bended knee that I’m asking everyone who knows of websites, magazines, art, etc that I might find inspiration to please contact me at

Over the next year I will be creating and selling stationary kits inspired by the envelopes for the children in GanSu. The money will be donated to a fund for the Yu Zhong Er Zhong students who cannot afford food, clothing and other necessities. Be sure to check our shop for the stationary and other merchandise

Keep it fashionable and artsy.
Yours truly,

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