Sunday, January 25, 2009


So I bumped into this adorable girl at PhilaU party this Saturday. I really adored her style and the way she put together her look. When I asked her were she found these wonderful apparel items she told me Forever 21. Now for a while, I stopped shopping at Forever 21. Their styles weren't quite up to date or unique enough for my personal taste. But in the past few months they've truly stepped up there game and it has become the only store I will venture into a mall ( I hate malls by the way) to make a purchase from. Their website is even more wonderful because they always, always have the items you desire in stock. So check it out!


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sandysadafbags said...

by the way. awesome blog. i just came onto it randomly through chictopia and a girl who is your fan on it. I just favorited your blog. keep up on the posts cause they're great. by the way as for the studded it joke theres a place online called studpunks and they sell and entire bag for 9$ it's awesome. i had some really ugly boxing heels that I've never worn. stuck some studs on them and i wear them all the time.