Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Magic Garden

The Magic Garden on 1020-1022 South Street in Philadelphia is a dreamer’s get away. The artist Isaiah Zagar began the garden in the early 1960s with no plans of ever stopping. After Zagar was introduced to the work of Clarence Schmidt he explained, "At a crucial time in my life it allowed me to begin what could be called a life's work making the city of Philadelphia PA USA into a labyrinthine mosaic museum that incorporates all my varied knowledge and skills." (Philadelphiasmagicgardens.org)

The timid girl walking through the labyrinth was a beautiful reflection of the whimsical trinkets Zagar had so carefully placed. Winter needs fresh colors like those of her tights and boots, it makes us long for spring.

Support Zagar's art and visit/donate to the Magic Garden at http://www.philadelphiasmagicgardens.org/ or 1020-1022 South Street.

Stay Fresh, Stay Fashionable!

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