Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Redefinition of Going Green

What does it mean when people say they are "Going Green”? It seems that going green is some recent marketing gimmick that helps people feel they are saving the earth. A few days ago I was sitting in the oral surgeon’s office deeply contemplating the definition. At that odd moment I decided that the only way human beings can truly help the earth is if we find some way to reuse and recycle every item until we eventually have no need to buy anything brand new anymore. "Eureka!" I exclaimed turning to the nurse to ask if she could kindly save my soon to be extracted wisdom teeth. As the doctor gradually injected the anesthesia I allowed my slowing heart rate to lull me to sleep: 113, 105, 98, 90...I fell asleep contented by the thought of helping Mother Nature .
I wonder what are some other creative ways of going green? For those of you who are curious as to what exactly I will be doing with my teeth I have contact Polly van der Glas hair and teeth jewelry artist at . I'm hoping she can make me a sweet earring and a three tooth-two finger ring. Please contact Polly at the above address if you too are interesting.

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