Monday, December 27, 2010


{Images and materials via: Simmy}

      • Black Heels (I snagged my Dolce Vida pumps on for a fraction of the origInal price. Kembrel's online store is similar to Gilt Groupe, designer items marked way down).
      • Black Quilters Thread
      • Needle
      • Scissors
      • Industrial Hot Glue Gun
      • All Purpose Clear Glue Stick
      • Black Leather Strip (1" wide x 10" high)
      • Screw Back Studs
      • Apply metal screw back studs to black leather strip.  Apply vertically with each stud being about 1/2 inch distance apart from each other.
      • Use industrial glue gun (loaded with all purpose clear glue stick) to apply the studded black leather strip to the back of the black heels. (That's a tongue twister!)
      • Once the strip has been applied to the heel there should be approximately 4 inches in excess material.
      • Fold the extra material over so that there is a loop. You can either sew the remaining leather strip together or glue it. (Sewing it makes the piece malleable while gluing it gives the studded leather piece a structured appearance) Zee choice is yours.
Get creative. Enjoy.


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Jazz said...

I'm definitely doing this!!!