Tuesday, December 28, 2010


{Images and artwork via: Simmy, Textile Design Banner via: Philadelphia Universty}

Many if not all of you know me, Siminetta, as Simmy.  As it turns out that happens to be my pen name which is derived from my actual last name Casimir.  My full name is Elesha Casimir; I am a freelance textile designer, artist, blogger, and model.  I studied textile design with an interest in fashion at Philadelphia University. In December 2010 (this month!) I graduated with a bachelor of science degree in textile design. If you happen to be searching for any of my art on the web or you want to contact me specifically about my work you can email me at:
 EleshaCasimir@gmail.com or visit my website --> Elesha Casimir

Recently our dear friend Isaiah from Dapper Deacon featured some of my work on his blog.  Get inspired, and please do  take a peek!


Simmy of F.I.T.S

Currently listening to, "Go or Go Ahead" by, (my favorite artist) Rufus Wainwright

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